Cinema Squabble – Episode #19

In a busy, busy, busy week for movies, cuts we made and only five could be discussed. So it goes in the podcast world I guess.

This week, Adam, Sara and I rundown Black Mass, The Visit, Everest, Pawn Sacrifice and Sleeping With Other People. Also, Adam does his usual attempts at accents. We’re also joined by Courtney Sheehan, the Artistic Director of the Northwest Film Forum to talk about their 20th anniversary and a number of fun things they have planned for the upcoming month of showing.

Have a listen, let us know your thoughts via, well, however you want. And thanks.


Cinema Squabble Episode # 10

Cinema Squabble with a new episode, as we continue our bi-weekly schedule. Adam, Sara and I discuss Mad Max Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, and Far From the Madding Crowd. We’re also joined by fellow Washingtonian and director John Portanova, who discusses his horror film Valley of the Sasquatch

There are bad accents, worse jokes and a lot of yelling; mostly of the yay variety. Check it out at the official site.

Cinema Squabble Episode #8

A new episode of Cinema Squabble is up and it’s a fun one if I do say so myself. We dig into a bunch of movies about animals (White God, Back Country Monkey Kingdom), robots (Ex Machina) and Sparks-ian humans (The Longest Ride). There’s a discussion with the people behind ‘nnfty; The National Film Festival for Talented Youth. Plus, we round it out with a discussion on summer blockbusters that have been under-appreciated/underrated/just aren’t getting their proper love.

Plus some funny accents. Please give it a listen, share feedback (including the bad kind) and have a lovely lovely weekend.

Cinema Squabble Episode #6

Stupid sickness hit me again, so I was unable to make the latest edition of Cinema Squabble. However, the excellent Tim Hall and Drew Powell were able to join the show for the first time. They made fun of me too…

Anyways, the episode of full of reviews. The episode contains discussion on Cinderella, Insurgent, Run All Night, The Gunman and the much discussed horror flick It Follows. Plus, where else are you going to find references to Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat minutes before bantering about Cinderella? The show is up on iTunes as usual, or can be found at the official Cinema Squabble site.

Cinema Squabble Episode #5

The Squabble rolls on, as it must. This week’s podcast features discussions about ChappieFocus, The Seattle Jewish Film Festival and a host of others movies, plus a smattering of Oscar talk. Thanks to all that have been listening and, of course, any and all feedback is welcome.

You can find the newest episode at the official Cinema Squabble website or on iTunes.

Cinema Squabble Episode #4

The Squabble rolls on as a new episode of the Cinema Squabble podcast is now available. In this episode, which features regulars like myself, Sara Michelle Fetters and Adam Gehrke, we’re once more joined by the excellent Mike Ward of Should I See It and Awards Circuit. We discuss a quartet of films (The Duff, What We Do in the Shadows, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, McFarland USA) and have a little Oscar chat before the big day Sunday.

I also get frustrated and call people stupid and idiotic. Not my fellow hosts, just those calling out 2014 as a “bad year for Lead Actress.” So dumb.

Please, have a listen, share some feedback and leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks.

Cinema Squabble Episode #3

Another new episode of Cinema Squabble is up. For those just now discovering it, the podcast comes from a number of us Seattle film critics gathering and discussing the week’s movies and other notable cinematic news.

This week we’re joined by Matt Oakes of Silver Screen Riot, who gives us some of his takeways from this year’s Sundance. After that is a trio reviews, covering Jupiter AscendingKingsman: The Secret Service and 50 Shades of Grey. It’s a lively forty or so minutes and can be found over at the official Cinema Squabble site or on iTunes. Take a listen and give us your thoughts. Thanks.

Cinema Squabble Episode #2

Another episode of the podcast is in the bag. Once more I’m part of the roundtable as we discuss films opening in Seattle this weekend; Still Alice, Black Sea and Two Days, One Night. After that we get into a discussion on the Seattle Film Awards with the terrific Mike Ward of Should I See It, ramble about the regulars at film screening of the non-critic variety and have a brief back-and-forth on certain aspects of American Sniper.

Have a listen at Cinema Squabble.

The Cinema Squabble Begins aka Podcast Time

Like many in the film loving world, I devour movie podcasts. For some time now, a number of us in the Seattle critics community have bantered around the idea of beginning our own. The notion is simple, shoot the shit like we would in the thirty or so minutes before any screening.

Well, said podcast has finally recorded. Hosted by mini-Seattle celeb/traffic-man/radio-vet/critic Adam Gehrke and featuring the sees nearly everything Sara Michelle Fetters, the man of the people Brian the Movie Guy and myself, Cinema Squabble is now live and ready for your ears. It’s jovial, it’s relaxed and contains a surprising large number of conversations about cinematic babies. The first episode focuses on 2014, wrapping up the year as an introduction to the varying tastes of the four of us; top 10s, guilty pleasures, overlooked films and the like.

If you’ve got forty-or-so minutes of your life free, give it a listen at Cinema Squabble.