Seattle Cinema Survey – Sequels That Never Came

Welcome to the horde of scum and villainy that is the Seattle Cinema Survey, where the titular area’s critics and bloggers kindly respond to the questions I lob at them.

On this, the week of the long, long, oh-so-long gestating sequel for Independence Day, I asked; What sequel that almost happened do you wish came to life?

My pick…
Nominated for double-digit Oscars and making over $200 million at the worldwide box office, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is a reminder that garnering more than your budget back in receipts doesn’t equate total financial success. Filmmaking success though, this film has that.

Directed by the great Peter Weir and starring the terrific, brotherly duo Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany, this adaptation of Patrick O’Brian’s 19th Century maritime tales is a stupendous, sweeping yet gritty adventure on the high-seas. Every dollar is on screen, from the rich, wisely cast ensemble to each knot in the rope or swoop of the sail, with Weir weaving this yarn of prideful men, teens and boys working, living and fighting together. With twenty-some books in the O’Brian series and ample critical praise, there was chatter of more films, as Crowe was had ample starpower in 2003. It never came; though it has grown new fans with every day.

Brent McKnight of Cinema Blend/The Last Thing I See @BrentMMcKnight
During one of these recent surveys, we all spouted off about our favorite, unexpectedly great sequels. My choice was Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, which saw the prototypical slackers of the title trade in their time travelling ways for a journey to the great beyond. And it was good.
That was in 1991, and in the intervening 25 years, there have been sporadic rumblings of Bill & Ted 3. Stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have both discussed the possibility a number of times and appear stoked to spend more time in the phone booth. There’s even been talk about how great the story and script are at various stages and in various incarnations.

The first two films had a definitive impact on my life (I still say the word dude fully too much for my own comfort, which I maintain is a direct result of watching Excellent Adventure at a formative age) and I will be the first one in line should Bill & Ted 3 ever materialize.

That isn’t to say I don’t have misgivings. To be fair, a large part of me wants this project to sit on a dark shelf in the deepest reaches of development hell and never see the light of day. Everyone involved has said all of the right things—chiefly about how they’ll only do this if it lives up to the originals—and there was an awesome recent comic run, so it is possible to tell an excellent Bill & Ted story. Still, as much as part of me would love to see a Wyld Stallyns reunion, it’s difficult to envision a scenario where what we see is more than just the pale, time-travelling ghost of what came before. It’s probably a good thing that I have zero confidence this will ever come to fruition.

Jason Roestel of Examiner @filmbastard
More recently I’ll take a few more Dredd sequels, (or a series Netflix) but I’ve always wanted another Reign of Fire movie. Rob Bowman sort of abandoned movies after 2002’s Mad Max meets Dragonslayer – and by abandon I mean made Elektra as his farewell finger to the industry – but that doesn’t mean someone else could have taken Reign‘s reins and ran with it. Not only was the cast of the original film ahead of its time – Matt McConaughey, Gerard Butler, and Christian Bale all in the same film will only happen at these bargain basement prices just the once – but the world he created deserved much more exploration, and at least a few more stories. Is it even on the list of the best popcorn action films of the 2000’s? Depends on how far that list goes. But in an era where we got two dreadful Hangover sequels, some Ocean’s 12 and 13 movies nobody asked for, and more recently a Huntsman Winter’s War film that came and went with the same piddly amount of fanfare as the original Huntsman film, why couldn’t we have gotten at least one more Summer movie about Road Warrior’s slaying dragons? Oh, and I really wanted a Live. Die. Repeat. repeat but it looks like that’s going to happen so…

Brian Taibl of Brian the Movie Guy @MovieGuyBrian
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the Ocean – chronicling the oceanic 1800’s Napoleonic War adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and surgeon – plus other stuff – Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany). One of my favorite films of all time. All time.

If any film demanded a sequel – this was the one. Author Patrick O’Brian penned 21 books for Aubrey/Maturin series.

The fact we never received a single sequel breaks my heart. The fact there’s people out there who have never seen this high seas masterpiece breaks it more.

Tim Hall of The People’s Critic @peoplescrtic

There should be a sequel to 2008’s RockNRolla. They tease a sequel at the end and we never heard about a sequel.

The first movie was so much fun. I just want to see the team back together.

Why not do the sequel? Gerard Butler needs a hit. Thandie, Idris, and Wilkinson should be game. Add in Tom Hardy, Mark Strong, Jeremy Piven and Toby Kebbel. The sequel is a much bigger film than the original.

Erik Samdahl of Film Jabber @filmjabber
I would have loved to see another “Firefly” movie. Serenity was awesome and easily one of the most underappreciated sci-fi action movies of the 21st century. And hey, now that “Castle” is cancelled, what does Nathan Fillon have to do?

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