Was I Nuts – A Return to the Summer Crap of 1996

The ‘Was I Nuts’ series has always been about rekindling those flames of movies I once loved and determining whether or not to keep them burning, or perhaps be snuffed for life. There are favorites from yesteryear I realized I still love, now despise and everything in between. At the core though, it has focused on films that at one point meant something to me.

Not this summer.

This summer, ‘Was I Nuts’ will be digging into the dregs of 1996 for a special 20th Anniversary Extravaganza of Crap. Yes, it’s time to get in the way-back machine and revisit four films, one a month, that I was hyped for at fourteen during the biggest summer of my life, and yes, all four turned out to be duds. At least, they were duds then. Time and tastes change, so perhaps these four pictures all have a chance for a new lease on life. The culprits are…

For May…


Yes, you will believe digital creatures will seem as real as life when Sean Connery voices a dragon and teams with Dennis Quaid in this…wait…Rob Cohen movie? Cohen of Stealth, The Boy Next Door and Alex Cross fame? Fuck’s sake. This should be a hoot.

For June

The Cable Guy

For a moment in time, there was no bigger draw in the United States than Jim Carrey. That little run began it’s slow decline with The Cable Guy, the dark comedy that saw Carrey make record-levels of millions and found his die-hard fans going a little less gaga for the plastic-faced star. Directed by Ben Stiller, the movie has grown a small audience since, and it’s time to see if Carrey’s lisp was misunderstood genius or rightfully derided.

For July


Harold Ramis, three years removed from Groundhog Day, reunites with the writer of Animal House for a comedy with Michael Keaton; what could go wrong? If memory serves, a whole lot.

For August

The Crow: City of Angels

Before superhero sequels became commonplace, and when soundtracks helped hype a film in advance, came this second adaptation of James O’Barr’s gothic comic series of black-haired dudes reborn to avenge their horrific deaths. Mocked upon release and never growing an ounce of the cult following of the original, does City of Angels deserve a reevaluation?

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