Expectations vs Reality Project- March Data

Welcome to the second addition of the Expectations vs Reality Project: Dawn of Justice. This bit of self-analysis (read the origin of it here) continues my year-long dive into determining if my mind is too often made up about a film before even a frame rolls through the projector. No need to dilly-dally, here’s a look at the 2016 releases for I saw for March.

Allegieant – Below Expectations 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Below Expectations 

Cemetery of Splendor – Exceeded Expectations 

Everything is Copy – Met Expectations

Krisha – Met Expectations 

10 Clovefield Lane – Exceeded Expectations

Zootopia – Exceeded Expectations

For the second straight month, Exceeded led the field. And they call me a contrarian. This pack featured a foreign release whose details a knew little about beyond a director I adore and a pair of very different wide-releases that arrived to cheers. 10 Cloverfield Lane especially flew past how good I expected it to be. I wasn’t honing in on bad, and in fact had heard largely glowing praise, but remained mildly skeptical due to a lukewarm reaction to the “original” and friends say, well, I’d hate the ending. Such wasn’t the case. While I definitely was a little less enthused about Zootopia then some, it was distinctly more than the great sloth joke and Dreamworks-ian array of easy gags I fretted.

Of course, March was a hell of a month for going in and planning to see garbage, only to be served an even more rancid affair than you ordered. Both Allegiant and Batman v Superman had an opportunity to be decent, with solid casts and a pedigree of at least not always being genuinely terrible (i.e. I think the first Divergent is dull and mediocre instead of an atrocity). Each sunk like a stone with every passing minute; blockbuster culture at its thudding worst. One is a bunch of stupid that thinks it’s saying something intelligent and the other…is a bunch of stupid that think it’s saying something intelligent while also shooting Jimmy Olsen in the face.

The Mets were a pair of small releases, both enjoyable in their own manner with enough small flaws to be what I thought they were; decent and entertaining.

April brings new releases by directors I cherish, including my most anticipated release of 2016: Everybody Wants Some by Richard Linklater.



One comment

  1. Christopher N Weymont · April 5, 2016

    Curious – did you for a moment think B v S could have been at least decent?

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