Expectations vs Reality -February Data

Earlier this year, I announced the plan to do the Expectations vs Reality Project.

Welcome to the first recordings.

For those that missed the introduction, the intent is to document whether or not my pre-conceived thoughts on a new release for 2016 sway or set my verdict upon viewing. Sure, we all have those times we dislike a project by a director we like, but if it’s just once a year, perhaps that says something more. Perhaps there are those times where the buzz is atrocious, yet we end up being the weirdos who love the little freak.

To log this info, I’ve decided on a rather basic system; did the movie in question meet expectations, fallow below them or in fact exceed. That’s it. Here are the list of new releases for 2016 I saw in February, along with their outcome according to the aforementioned system.

Boys & the World : Below Expectations

Deadpool : Met Expectations

Only Yesterday : Exceeded Expectations

Race: Below Expectations

Rams: Exceeded Expectations

Triple 9 : Exceeded Expectations

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot : Met Expectations

The Witch : Exceeded Expectations

Zoolander No. 2 : Below Expectations

So, from the first set of data, we have four Exceeded, a pair for Met and three Below, making for a pretty even field, with the power of positivity taking the slight lead. In that Exceeded field, three of them might qualify as art-house works, with only the violent ensemble piece Triple 9 sticking out. That film also happens to be the one amongst this pairing which garnered lukewarm reviews. While I didn’t love it, as I did the other three Exceeded, Triple 9 appeared to be a jumbled mess and, for me, became a jumbled enjoyment. The two Met verdicts aren’t a shock; Tine Fey consistently stars in average pictures and Deadpool was Deadpool. The three Below are slightly fascinating; one biopic of a major American figure, one comedy sequel and one Oscar nominee. Race, even with the so-so receptions, took all of the biopic clichés and ran with them with a speed befitting the movie’s subject Jesse Owens himself. Zoolander No. 2 had a chance to be odd enough that, though not appealing to the majority, might click with me, for nothing is more subjective than comedy. It didn’t appeal. It was awful. We should stop talking about it. As for Boy & the World, the dream was a marvelous foreign wonder baring beautiful animation, and ended up with a tedious foreign wonder baring beautiful animation.

It’s too early to tell how this investigation into my movie psyche will go. I’ve already seen one new thing in March and there’s still a return to Cloverfield, a new Jeff Nichols and this much hyped Dawn of Justice. Hoping all three will Exceed, but we shall see.



  1. Christopher N Weymont · March 8, 2016

    Deadpool was fun. Finally got a rather, so to speak, violent comic movie since the days of Blade.

    Have to see ‘The Witch.’ Seems quite the horror flick!

  2. Christopher N Weymont · March 8, 2016

    And let’s be honest, you’ll prolly (like me) shrug at B v S.

    10 Cloverfield … that looks like fun!

  3. Brian Zitzelman · April 3, 2016

    More than shrugged sir.

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