2015 Superlative Time

This week, Seattle’s pseudo film critics association (it’s coming soon, we swear!) will be announcing its array of 2015 Bests, from Picture to Score and everything in between. Before the final tally hits the streets, I figure it’s a good of time as any to point out my picks aka superlatives for the year that was. So, without further do.

Best Picture

Winner : A tie between Carol & Mad Max: Fury Road

Like I stated in my Top 10 of the year, I wasn’t able to select between these two great works. A week later, that rings just as true.

Best Director

Winner : George Miller for Mad Max: Fury Road

Runner-Up : Todd Haynes for Carol

Lead Actress

Winner : Saoirse Ronan for Brooklyn

Runner-Up : Nina Hoss for Phoenix

Lead Actor

Winner : Tom Courtenay for 45 Years

Runner-Up : Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs


Supporting Actress

Winner : Jessica Chastain for Crimson Peak

Runner-Up : Assa Sylla for Girlhood

Supporting Actor

Winner : Michael Shannon for 99 Homes

Runner-Up : Tom Hardy for The Revenant 

Adapted Screenplay

Winner : Phyllis Nagy for Carol

Runner-Up: Nick Hornby for Brooklyn

Original Screenplay

Winner : George Miller, Brendan McCarthy & Nick Lathouris for Mad Max: Fury Road

Runner-Up : Olivier Assayas for Clouds of Sils Maria



Winner : World of Tomorrow

Runner-Up : When Marnie Was There


Winner : Edward Lachman for Carol

Runner-Up : John Seale for Mad Max: Fury Road


Winner : The Look of Silence

Runner-Up : Cobain: Montage of Heck

Ensemble Cast

Winner : Brooklyn

Runner-Up : Mad Max: Fury Road


Film Editing

Winner : Margaret Sixel for Mad Max: Fury Road

Runner-Up : Steven Soderbergh for Magic Mike XXL 


Winner : Junkie XL for Mad Max: Fury Road

Runner-Up : Carter Burwell for Carol


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