Reviews – The Martian & The Walk

Couple of big movies are rolling out this weekend. And big is the word. The financial success of The Martian and The Walk aside, each film is clearly meant for rather enormous screens. Both pics are deserving of it, if in their own way.

As a whole, The Martian is easily the better of the two. The newest film by Ridley Scott, as it has been eight or so months, finds Matt Damon as a stranded astronaut on Mars. There is big space stuff, sweeping, seemingly endless sandy landscape and quips. Lots of quips. It’s a good time, if not quite the classic it feels like it could be. My full review is here.

Alternatively we have The Walk, a reworking of the sensation true story told in James Marsh’s Man on Wire about Phillipe Petit, the French high-wire artist who traversed a line in the sky between the Twin Towers. At times, the film is a downright mess. Equally, the back-half is almost luminous. While not as consistent as The Martian, it’s finest points land higher. A review for that picture is over here.

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