Reviews – Black Mass, Pawn Sacrifice & The New Girlfriend

After the usual slow – not innately bad – start to September, of which I tend to take a step back, this weekend brings three interesting releases.

Black Mass is the first; the heavily advertised ‘Whitey’ Bulger movie featuring a pale Johnny Depp. This time, however, said paleness isn’t a warning of another goofy, somewhat annoying performance. It, like everything else this week, is a mixed bag in quality, but Depp is superb. The full review can be found here.

Then there is Pawn Sacrifice, another easy one to describe. It’s about infamous chess player Bobby Ficher and features Tobey Maguire. Not an outright success, the movie does man to get by rather well on terrific acting, smartly played themes and a rich middle portion. Review for that one is up here.

Finishing things up is Francois Ozon’s The New Girlfriend, a melodrama about new friendship that develops after the passing of a mutual loved one. Plus a bunch bunch more. And some erotic stuff to boot. So yeah, it’s an Ozon movie, though not up to his best work. Read my full thoughts on Examiner.

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