Reviews – It Follows & Insurgent

The weekend’s big release is Insurgent, the sequel to the successful, but only kind of popular, young adult adaptation Divergent. Where Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight grew, if not always in box office, at least in cultural notoriety. Insurgent does nothing to improve upon the first outing, feeling like a worn out sequel about thirty minutes into things. My full review can be found over at Examiner.

On a totally different note is It Follows, a stellar new horror film with a terrific premise about a monster stalking people via their sexual activity. The movie isn’t playing at many big chains, but ought to be available somewhere in the area if you’re in a major city. If not, the pictures will be arriving on VOD in two weeks. Either way, watch it where or how you can, be terrified and enjoy. A review is also at the usual Examiner place too.


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