21st Century That Guy Vol. 2 – Pat Healy

21st Century That Guy is a continuing series documenting the character actors that have become regulars over the past fifteen years, popping up in numerous movies you’ve seen, even if you don’t recognize them.

Actor : Pat Healy (September 14, 1971)

First Film Role : As Agent Rogers in Home Alone 3

You Might Have Seen Him In : Rescue Dawn, Draft Day, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Innkeepers, Compliance, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Who Is He : Healy is truly one of those people that seems to be in everything. For 2015, Healy has eight movies, several shorts and television work on tap. The actor is at a strange point in his career, playing leads or strong supporting characters in some films, while barely having more than a line or two in others. If you know Healy, it’s a delight to see this actor, capable of playing creeps and everymans, pop up on screen, even if for a few seconds. Hopefully, his work in more mainstream releases will expand in the near future. Until then, he’ll be a viable member of the independent film scene, while being a nameless soldier, officer or co-worker in hit films.

Favorite Performance : As the lead in the E.L. Katz dark-comedy Cheap Thrills, Healy portrayed Craig Daniels, a man desperate for money to support his family after losing his job. Craig meets a strange couple at a bar one night that offers him thousands and thousands of dollars to do everything from having a breath-holding contest to eating a severed finger. If it sounds over-the-top, well, it’s somewhat meant to be. Yet, Healy makes it strangely relatable, fighting his own decency and – eventually – morality along the way. It’s a stunning depiction of a man losing what makes him a good person and determining what levels he’s willing to drop to so he can help his loved ones. One isn’t solely disturbed by what Craig ends up doing, Healy makes it sad to see Craig fall to pieces.


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