The Cinema Squabble Begins aka Podcast Time

Like many in the film loving world, I devour movie podcasts. For some time now, a number of us in the Seattle critics community have bantered around the idea of beginning our own. The notion is simple, shoot the shit like we would in the thirty or so minutes before any screening.

Well, said podcast has finally recorded. Hosted by mini-Seattle celeb/traffic-man/radio-vet/critic Adam Gehrke and featuring the sees nearly everything Sara Michelle Fetters, the man of the people Brian the Movie Guy and myself, Cinema Squabble is now live and ready for your ears. It’s jovial, it’s relaxed and contains a surprising large number of conversations about cinematic babies. The first episode focuses on 2014, wrapping up the year as an introduction to the varying tastes of the four of us; top 10s, guilty pleasures, overlooked films and the like.

If you’ve got forty-or-so minutes of your life free, give it a listen at Cinema Squabble.

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