I’m Not Going to Discuss Television

Hello all. At this juncture, I probably personally know 50% of you reading this, at least on some mild personal level.

As countless others are these days, I am a film enthusiast. Other passions hang around my brain, but no interest ever permeates my everyday pondering likes films do, be they good, bad or the largely in between. I’ve been called picky by some and a man who doesn’t know what the average audience really wants to see. I call nonsense on that, not out of ego, but out of a belief that the majority of film-goers have a deeper grasp for movies than people give them credit for. Yes, the mediocre often rises to the top. The reasons for such a happening are varied, especially in a world where seeing pictures at home is easier and more comfortable than ever. As such, I have no interest in differentiating and dissecting which niche audience might go for a particularly director’s vision.

I say what I think about a film, hopefully from some sense of thoughtfulness and openness. I have loathed movies I was sure I’d love and vice versa. There are a lot of great films out there. I am not the kind of person who throws the term great around willy-nilly and see nothing wrong with a movie being “merely” really good. All I can and will give you is my honest take on what the cinema has to offer…and I’m not going to discuss television. That is for tv blogs and has no reason to intermingle on a film blog………………….

Even Mad Men.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.

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