Can We Discuss Actresses Please?


This is a man’s world, as has been said time and again. Film blogging is no exception to the rule. For all of the quality of writing that can be found throughout the internet, that which is masculine still garners the most talk. 


This came to mind recently when thinking of the new film Locke. The acclaimed picture, which I admit to being lukewarm on, has had a lot of its hype focused on star Tom Hardy. The fact makes sense; it’s a literal one-man show after all. Yet, every Tom Hardy movie comes bundled with discussions on how sheerly awesome he is as an actor. The same goes for Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender. Attractive, relatively young actors that exude a sense of cool to them. The excitement for these guys makes sense, for they all are, to varying degrees, exciting talents. 


I can’t help but think this doesn’t happen with actresses. Film critics/bloggers tend to spend a lot of their words, myself included, praising all things director. Reviews and retrospectives tend to hover on the works of classic filmmakers, the progression of new talents and the under-appreciated releases of this or that director. Sometimes screenwriters get mentioned. The only real dent in the director discussion is for intense men and their intense movies. I’m all for a quality piece on such talents. Please, though, please…there are actresses too. 


Where are the conversations about all of the amazing actresses that have propelled their careers to fascinating new areas in the past few years? Right now, we have Jessica Chastain, Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson Brie Larson, Greta Gerwig, Jennifer Lawrence, Mia Wasikowska and numerous others giving outstanding performances. Not to mention the likes of living legends like Juliette Binoche, Nicole Kidman and Tilda Swinton. Most articles featuring these people are about their personal lives, not professional. Hell, do a search on best actress working today and you’ll find yourself forced to dig past the array of “Hottest Actresses…” Google findings. 


The likes of Nathaniel Rogers, Joe Reid and others take their time to focus on actresses in equal measure to actors. I just hope others will follow suit and realize there is more to acting then getting angry and doing a shout-y face. 



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